Post-Retirement Finance Stocks Sites to Track Money

eric-gerster-retirementDeciding on when you will retire, where you will retire, and how much money you need for retirement is one of the biggest decisions of your life. You want to feel confident in your finances and the plan you have worked out for yourself. Retirement is a time for relaxing and doing some of the thing syou couldn’t years before due to your hectic work schedule or any number of reasons. The list below details a few applications and websites that allow you to properly and accurately track your money in real time so that during your retirement everything can move according to plan.

Personal Capital:

In the very first spot we have Personal Capital. Its a continuously updates system that provides real time money tracking and its extremely to use. There is little to no speed bumps in the learning process so really anyone can pick it up. The site takes all the information on your finances and place it on one dashboard so there aren’t a ton of pages to scroll through and lose your place. All your credit card info, mortgage information, donations, and other cases are all listed in one place.


Mint is a fairly new application that you can use via the web or on your cell phone. Mint is 100% free to use and provides the necessary information and design to help in the budgeting of personal finances. This site allows you to link your bank accounts and credit cards and provides the information related to balance and payments owed. Mint brings the simplicity of financial budgeting right to the customer without having to remember all the passwords, site-keys, and security questions that we all fail to write down. Another great key feature of the product is the customized alert system that has the ability to tell you when you’re paying too much in fees or other charges.

USA Today’s Money Portfolio Tracker:

USA Today partnered with a company known as SigFig that has a free portfolio tracker. Its a quick and easy set up and even easier to use. This site allows user to focus more on their finances and budgets to meet all their goals. The tracker even gives the user alerts when their finances are in trouble. The tracker will tell a user if an investment is too risky based on its own calculations and tell you whether or not your broker is charging too much on a specific deal. Pretty handy I’d say.

Google Finance:

It seems like we can never truly escape Google. They really have a program or system for everything. From documents, digital hard drives, calendars, and more, Google looks to become the one stop shopping outlet for everything in your life. Like the other applications and sites on this list, Google Finance is incredibly easy to use. It provides completely up-to-date information on the markets and news around the world. You can feel free to browse through stocks you own under the “My Portfolio” button and gain valuable insight on the latest in stocks and their historical performances.


Morningstar is known to be slightly on the more advanced side of information gathering and knowledge when it comes to finances and your personal accounts. Morningstar provides great information on your investments and has a strong analysis behind each one as well. This system shows all your investments on easy to read and understand graphs and charts with in-depth information for every variable and timestamp. It comes standard with multiple tools to learn even more about each investment and better tack your money.

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