About Eric Gerster

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Eric Gerster and his wife, Mini Nunna

Eric Gerster is an experienced investment professional working in the New York City area.  After 18 years of managing institutional capital he is currently managing a variety of individual investor portfolios.  He is enjoying the more intimate relationship with the investor as well as the opportunity to invest across asset classes.  His main area of expertise has been investing in the technology/media/telecom sector in equities both as a long only and long/short investor.  Eric has experienced several major market corrections in his career including the Internet bubble bursting in the early 2000’s and the credit crisis of 2008.  He prides himself on his risk management skills and suffered no down years during his time as a hedge fund manager (2004-2014).  Eric believes in investing client assets with the same rigor as if they were his own.

Eric’s Career

Eric became interested in the investing business through his father, who loved investing in the markets.  He bought his first stock at a young age and immediately loved the challenge inherent in investing.  Eric Gerster started his career at J.P. Morgan during the time it was still affectionately known as Mother Morgan for its career employment possibilities.  He became a Global Credit Officer allocating and managing credit risk allocations for various hedge fund and institutional money management clients.  This additional exposure to the investing world led him to pursue a career on the buy side.

After obtaining his MBA from The Wharton School in 1998, Eric began his buy side career at T. Rowe Price.  He followed software and services stocks as an analyst for several years before starting his portfolio management career.  Eric managed the technology portion of the T. Rowe Price New Horizons Fund and the T. Rowe Price Mid-Cap Growth Fund.  Fund management gave him exposure to the entire technology universe across small and mid-cap as well as the opportunity to work for two fabulous mentors.  The world of investing has always fed Eric Gerster’s innate curiosity to understand the world around him and, more specifically, the forces affecting markets both globally and in different asset classes. He enjoys the constant study of new companies and new ideas.  The prospect of discovering opportunity where few others expect it to be is particularly exhilarating.

In early 2004, Eric Gerster decided to move to the hedge fund world and began managing a long/short equities portfolio primarily focused on the technology sector. He would later join a new subsidiary of Guggenheim Partners at its founding in early 2011.  Eric served as the Director of Fundamental Equities for this startup multi-strategy fund, in addition to managing his own portfolio.  During his time at Guggenheim he led the hiring of the trading staff and the initial portfolio management teams.  He developed and maintained the firm’s Wall Street relationships, ran the syndicate process with the head trader, and helped risk management oversee the portfolio management teams.  Following his time at GGT, Eric Gerster managed a long/short portfolio for Millennium Partners under the Redtail Capital name.

Eric’s Education & Philosophy

Having grown up as a competitive athlete, Eric brings the same intensity to investing, constantly seeking to improve his results through self-evaluation and research. He holds himself to high standards and enjoys working with teams of professionals with similar standards.

Eric Gerster graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.S. from Boston College in Operations/Strategic Management and Finance and holds an MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, where he was a Palmer Scholar.