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Stop-Loss Orders: Friend or Foe

The return of dramatic market volatility brought to mind a question I’ve been asked by many people during my investing career – “Should I use a stop-loss order to protect my stock holdings?” Individuals often lose their nerve for holding investments during down periods in the market and later wonder how selling at the lows might have been avoided. They believe a stop-loss seems like a good idea. In theory it is something you can set up in your brokerage account and leave as a standing order. That is to say your order stays in place until you remove it from the account. Read more →


Breaking News: August 24th Stock Market

It’s no secret the stock market has been in shambles of late. While the mayhem has been disappointing to many, what has been even more disappointing is the flaws in Wall Street that are now being exposed. Many traders have struggled in buying and selling exchange-traded funds (ETFs). An ETF is marketable security that tracks an index, a commodity, bonds, or a basket of assets like an index fund. An ETF trades like common stocks Netflix (NFLX) or Apple (AAPL) would.
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GE to Sell Healthcare Finance

GE continues to grow and extend its finance portfolio. GE has officially agreed to an $8.5 billion deal in the sale of its healthcare finance unit with Capital One. As you already know Capital One is one of the most successful banks in the US as well as one of the fastest growing.

The deal is set to have Capital One pay a 6% premium to the value of the unit’s loans in order to acquire the business. This move will help Capital One become a major contender in the commercial bank space. The healthcare unit provides specialized financing to companies, developers, investors, and many sectors within the industry including hospitals and medical device organizations. Read more →


Post-Retirement Finance Stocks Sites to Track Money

Deciding on when you will retire, where you will retire, and how much money you need for retirement is one of the biggest decisions of your life. You want to feel confident in your finances and the plan you have worked out for yourself. Retirement is a time for relaxing and doing some of the thing syou couldn’t years before due to your hectic work schedule or any number of reasons. The list below details a few applications and websites that allow you to properly and accurately track your money in real time so that during your retirement everything can move according to plan. Read more →


Oil Prices Slip

Oil prices are on the decline once again and this is the much needed news that the world needed. The International Energy Agency said the oil market would be “oversupplied” in 2016 and noted that the prices would fall even further in the coming year. The IEA also mentioned that the demand for oil would slow dramatically next year. More specifically the IEA reports that the global oil-demand will slow down to 1.2 million barrels a day in 2016. Currently the world demand 1.4 million barrels a day. Read more →