The Modern Financier

eric-gerster-oracleEach and every industry is changing on a day to day basis with new techniques and technologies to make work more simple and more efficient. Gone are the days of the traditional financial leaders with outdated strategies and processes that don’t match up to the new and hungry competition.

On October 28 and 29 of this year, Oracle is sponsoring the Modern Finance Experience which will take place at the Marriott Marquis located in San Francisco. This experience will draws huge crowds as people come to learn from financial leaders from around the world and network with peers within their industry and sector. Below you will find the itinerary for the day and some of the sessions available.

Keynote Speaker: Henry Paulson – former US Treasury Secretary, former CEO of Goldman Sachs, and current Chairman of the Paulson Institute. Paulson currently works directly with China to develop relationships that will lead to sustainable development, environmental protection, and climate change.

Women in Finance Luncheon: This event will be hosted by Oracle CEO Safra Catz. This event is invitation-only and will feature a prestigious panel of leaders. Panel participants will include Robin Washington, Executive Vice President & CFO of Gilead, Karen Walker, controller of Uber, and Claire Hughes johnson, COO of Stripe.

Glance at Sharing Economy: The keynote speaker for this part is Jeremiah Owyang, who is a founding partner of the consultancy company, Altimeter Group. Owyang is also responsible for launching Crowd Companies back in 2013 that helps organizations that are designed to help members with connections, resources, and corporate advice, all while staying focused on a cohesive economy.

Session Tracks: The scheduled session tracks will provide attendants with expert advice on current, real examples of organizations that are changing the landscape of their respective industries and disrupting the playing field. The sessions will also focus on the shifting strategies that have evolved in today’s digital age.

Oracle Appreciation Event: This event will provide attendants with some fun and world class entertainment after a long few days of heavy work. The event is a private concert located on Treasure Island that will feature all-star performers and musicians, Elton John and Beck.

As I alluded to earlier, the financial landscape of leaders within the industry is shifting and new players are making waves. It is no longer about crunching numbers and writing up reports, but instead it is a bigger, more responsible role of delivering new insights and predicting future events to better be prepared. Now I know and understand that there is no one quick fix for each organization but it’s important to take a long, careful, and critical look at where there can be improvements. Organizations need to look at how they can reduce data duplication, save money, save time, save resources, and everything else in between.

Looking at Data:

Data has always been important to the financial industry but no more than ever it is the crux and the most vital part in a company. It has become a form of capital that paved the way for new products, innovations, services, and more. Data has allowed new companies to enter into the mix and challenge the status quo. Data helps financial institutions determine where they stand at any present moment and where they can predict to be 1 month in the future all the way to years down the road.

Driving Transformation:

How do you encourage and act on changing a business to something different and seemingly more complex? CFOs need to continue to play a dynamic and versatile role within their company to push for the next step. They need to understand different techniques, look critically at competition, and devise a plan. The Modern Finance Experience looks to explore these interesting and insightful opportunities to continue to allow companies to flourish and explore new possibilities. The event will help to discuss growth opportunities, critical decision making, scalability, cloud based computing, forecasting and much much more.

Registration is still open for the Modern Finance Experience so feel free to sign up soon before it closes.


Thank you for reading!

Eric Gerster